Minimalist Summer Staples

Welcome to my first blog post! Fashion gives me life so I’m excited to share this with you. It’s difficult to define my fashion sense, but at the moment I’m particularly into the minimal aesthetic. If it’s monochrome and boxy, I want it. Here are some of my favourite pieces this summer:

Midi dress – Oak + Fort


I spotted this little gem in Oak + Fort’s original store in Gastown – Vancouver, Canada. I love this brand, however one thing I found slightly odd about the store is the changing room set-up. To see how you look you have to use the huge mirror on the wall of the shop, so whilst you’re judging yourself, everyone else can too. I’m not sure if this is a North American thing, but I can safely say I hope it doesn’t catch on in the UK!

I restrained myself and went for this dress which was in the sale at $38 (around £22), reduced from $88. Barg! Although I can almost hear the stain remover gasp from under the kitchen sink, it’s so versatile and great for summer. It can be paired with Birkenstocks for a more casual look, or easily dressed up with a simple pair of black heels. Either way, it’s minimal and effortlessly chic.

Sandals – Birkenstock


Speak of the devils, I got a pair of Birkenstocks at the end of last summer, so I’ve only really had a chance to wear them this year. As I’ve now discovered, once you’ve worn them in a bit they’ll be your new best friend. You can wear them with literally anything – trousers, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, pyjama bottoms… No? Just me?

Pleated trousers – Topshop


If you ever want the comfort levels of wearing pyjamas to work, but still want to look socially acceptable, you need a pair of these in your life! They’re super silky and can be as dressed up or down as you like. Trainers, sandals and heels all look great with these. I have a striped black and white pair (shock, more monochrome), but they’re also available in lots of other lovely colours. Some colours also have a matching top for a cute little co-ord.

Dungarees – Monki


I don’t know about you but the inner child in me is bloody rejoicing over the fact that dungarees are back in! They’re so cute, easy and these ones from Monki are a perfect edition for summer. They have a wide cropped leg that are short enough for my little legs (hoorahh!!!) and the light denim material makes them nice and airy.  I wear them with a white tee or if I want to jazz it up, a stripe tee! If they weren’t already cute enough, the straps tie up in little bows at the shoulder. Though it looks great, it isn’t the most practical if you have a weak bladder because you have to undo and redo these every time you need to pee. A word to the wise – don’t wear if you’re out drinking!

Mules – Mango


These mules are great for adding a bit of colour to plain outfits, because in my black & white wardrobe, it’s easy to forget it’s supposed to be summer. If you live in trainers or sandals like me, the slight heel on these makes them a great way to look more dressed up without the effort of wearing an actual heel! For a smart casual look I pair with raw edge jeans and a white blouse. No idea why, but I feel like a proper grown-up when I wear these… progress right there!



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