New Music Monday: Gallant

Put simply, music is my first love. I remember when I was young being played everything from UB40, Tom Jones, Basement Jaxx to my Dad’s Caribbean music. Its always been there. Since my uncle got me my first iPod about ten years ago, I’ve been mildly obsessed with finding new music.

I heard Gallant for the first time about a month ago on BBC Radio 1 when his song, ‘Talking to Myself’, was their Track of the Day. I instantly loved the vibe so Shazamed it (btw, isn’t Shazam the best app ever?!) and downloaded the album, Ology. The mix of old-school and contemporary R&B is right up my street. It’s rare to find an artist whose falsetto is arguably better than their normal voice, but Gallant nails it! A lot of his songs have a laid back feel that would be perfect for long drives with the top down in my non-existent convertible.

The whole album is great, but ‘Jupiter’ has become a firm favourite for me. The opening bars make you feel like you’re in some sort of tropical paradise, then as the song evolves, you’re transported to outer space with celestial sounds creeping in. It builds to a beautiful crescendo that I think would be an absolute experience to see live. I hope one day I get to!

Some other highlights from the album include: Skipping Stones (feat. Jhené Aiko), Weight in Gold and Shotgun. To find out more about Gallant, visit the links below:


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