Stitch Me Up!

First things first, please excuse the terrible attempt at a pun for a title, but this post is all about embroidered t-shirts! Instagram is a wonderful thing and it has led me to these unisex tees. I’m in love with how minimal, yet cute they are with the beautifully embroidered cursive text. I know of two brands (there’s probably loads more) from insta who make these – Delores Daywear and Double Trouble.

Delores Daywear stock a range of slogans delores-daywear-manfeatured on white clothing, using light pink cotton for the embroidered detail. These are available in short & long-sleeve tops and hoodies. Some of my favourites are the song lyrics; “going back to cali”, “it’s all good baby, baby” and “it was all a dream” by Biggie and “ms. jackson” from the absolute classic by Outkast! They’ve hinted on their instagram account that some Drake tees are dropping soon which has made my life!!



Double Trouble also sell a variety of different slogans on t-shirts, as well as jumpers and underwear. They differ from Delores Daywear in that the clothing and embroidered detail are available in different colours like black, grey, red and pink. Some of their slogans include: “heartbreaker”, “Lolita”, “beauty school dropout” and “lover”.

Both brands have the option to make your own, so if you’re feeling creative they will customise a garment for you! These are great potential gifts as you can create something personal but still totally wearable.

I think these t-shirts are best worn with denim, denim, denim! For a an effortlessly cool outfit, tuck into a pair of high-waisted jeans and top the whole look off with a pair of white trainers. Simple, yet effective.



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