It’s My Birthday!

Today is the big 23. I frequently get told I look about 16 but we’ll swiftly move on from that, mainly because it’s painfully true. Though the whole thing is slightly depressing, my beautiful family and friends are my saviours and have got me some lovely things (yay for material items!), proving they all know me too well. I this blog are the things I got thay I’ve admired from afar but could never afford to buy for myself.

Purse – Matt & Nat

matt & nat

This is the ‘Watson’ purse in olive from Matt & Nat’s newly released AW16 collection . Matt & Nat are a Canadian brand, but you can buy their stuff online on ASOS and Urban Outfitters. Their beautiful bags and purses are all vegan and made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, such as recycled rubber and cork. When I was in Canada, I saw their products in pretty much every store so I knew I had to get something from them.

Trainers – Converse X Comme des Garçons


CDG is one of the many brands I’ve discovered through Instagram. They’re a Japanese fashion brand, recognisable by the ‘Play’ heart logo. They have come together with Converse for a second time to create these beaut shoes. You can get these in black or off-white. Both colours are available in hi-tops or low-tops. I’m very aware that I’m being a bit of a hypebeast with these but idc cos haters gonna hate!

Embroidered T-Shirt – Delores Daywear

ms jackson

I wrote a post not long ago about my love for embroidered tees, so I’m practising what I preach and now have a ‘ms. jackson’ top from Delores Daywear – I fully expect people to start singing Outkast at me when wearing this. Being an August baby, I’ve managed to get this just in time for the end of the summer. Now I can test out the t-shirt version before I get a long-sleeve one for winter.


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