Holiday Staples

It seems that I was blessed by a higher power. When my grandparents moved from the Caribbean to England and had my Dad, the opportunity was there for my Dad to meet my Mum, and voilà, here I am. Half white British, half black Caribbean. I’m lucky to still have family on the island of St. Vincent and somehow I’ve bagged a 3 week visit there! Here are some of my essentials for the island.

Swimsuit – Pour Moi?


I’ve never been a fan of swimming in the sea, but I figure if I don’t have a dip in the Caribbean Sea, I’d be breaking some kind of unspoken rule! With that (and my highly unprepared summer body) in mind, I’ve gone for a one-piece that I feel comfortable in. It’s low-cut with a cute little twist knot detail so you don’t look like a total Plain Jane. Although saying that, if a one-piece is good enough for Kourtney Kardashian, it’s good enough for me.

Sunglasses – Ray Ban6504903_a2

Sunglasses in St. Vincent, and the Caribbean in general, are definitely an essential. The temperature stays around 30 degrees celsius all year round, so that can bring very high UV levels. Ray Ban Wayfarer’s are the perfect answer. As well as the eye protection, the style is timeless and the lenses are big enough to hide a make-up free face. Win, win, win!

Structured Straw Bag – H&Mh&mBeaches are pretty much what everyone thinks of when they think of the Caribbean. This straw bag by H&M is great for carrying all the beach bits – towel, shades, book, iPod, headphones/speakers. It’s big enough, has two pockets inside to protect from sand and has a lovely striped cotton lining, because who doesn’t love a stripe?

UV Hair Protector – Label M Protein Spray


The last time I went to St. Vincent, I’d recently dyed my hair red (don’t even ask!). After 3 weeks of sun it was ginger. Like, properly orange. Safe to say, a lesson has been learned and this time I’m taking a UV protector for the bleached blonde bits in my hair. I’ve never used it before but I’ve read this Protein Spray is also good at conditioning/detangling – great if you have curly hair like mine that tends to want to turn into dreadlocks if it’s not combed out. My hopes are high for this product, but we shall find out in 3 weeks.

Peace out!


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