Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Buys

Marked by the autumnal equinox on Thursday, the changing of seasons is officially here. This means a whole new season of clothes to swoon over! If, like me, you binge-watched Stranger Things too fast and now have nothing to look forward to until Christmas time, this is very much required.

To combat our simultaneous quarter-life crises, some friends and I went a bit crazy on shopping this weekend – a very rare event when everyone is either poor or saving up to become real adults. Anyway, here are some of my recent purchases for A/W 16:

Cropped velvet t-shirt – Zara


Zara is the Mothership, so naturally we went in there first. Anything that’s pastel pink, I’m feeling at the moment, so my eyes were drawn to this cropped t-shirt. It’s made of pleated velvet and is elasticated at the waist. There was loads of velvet in the new collections – a definite must-have material this season. Pair this with some high-waisted ‘mom’ fit jeans for a casual outfit or dress it up with an A-line skirt. It’s available in a shiny grey version, too!

Suede & leather look skirt  – Zara


Speaking of A-line skirts, I also got this beaut from Zara. It has faux suede and leather panels in a chevron pattern. You can get it in khaki green and pastel pink, but for me, black is more practical. I’ve made peace with the sad fact I’m too short for Zara maxi dresses/jeans/trousers/anything that involves a full leg. But, this works to my advantage with this skirt, as it’s not too short or inappropriate. Rejoice, little people! Jumpers and tops can be tucked into it and, worn with tights, this skirt will see you all the way through to next spring.

Embroidered dress – River Island

River Island isn’t one of my usual shopping spots, but I’m glad we went in this time. In one of those rare finds, I saw this really nice dress. It’s basically a black slip with an embellished lace dress over the top. The floral embroidery provides beautiful golds, oranges and yellows. Perfect tones for this A/W. In December, I’m going to the first wedding of a school friend, which is in equal parts baffling and exciting! If I can find the right shoes and bag, this might be the dress for the day.

Quilted coat – Mango

Unfortunately, the nearest Mango store to me is a bloody trek away in London so I haven’t actually got my hands on this coat yet. I have fallen in love with it online, though. It has a feather and down filling, so it’s the same as going outside with your duvet on which is never a bad thing! I can see myself going on crisp winter morning walks with this and a huge scarf on, feeling very snug. At £79.99 it’s not exactly cheap (for my budget, anyway), but can you really put a price on comfort? I think not.


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