Hello Hygge!

Here in the UK, autumn has arrived and brought with it a chill in the air and noticiably darker evenings. This time of year is a personal favourite and I’m on close thermometer watch waiting for it to be cold enough to light the open fire in our living room – there’s something about the warm glow of a fire that just can’t be beaten! This is why, when I first heard of the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ (very much the ‘in’ thing right now), it was a eureka moment. From what I can decipher, hygge refers to the feeling of being contented and at peace within yourself, your surroundings and amongst loved ones, particularly through the cold, darker months. I think and hope we’re all familiar with the feeling that hygge refers to, so of course the Danes have a word that perfectly sums it up. Yet again, the Scandinavians have just got it so right!

Hygge is synonymous with candlelit dinners, warm blankets and just generally being super cosy surrounded by friends and loved ones, so with a hot chocolate in hand to get me in the mood,  here are some of my ideal buys to bring hygge into your life:

Candles – William & Joseph

candlesInstagram – @williamjosephcandles

If you saw my bedroom : candle ratio, you would know just how much I like candles. In the past I’ve typically gone with the standard Yankee Candle, until recently, I heard about William & Joseph – a company who are local to me and hand-make each candle just down the road in Winchester. It’s always nice to support local, independently owned businesses, so have a little look at their Instagram. William & Joseph make scented candles that are inspired by books, e.g. the ‘Mother Of Dragons’ candle is based on Game of Thrones and ‘Wizards Beer’ is inspired by Butterbeer in Harry Potter. All of their scents sound so good and each candle comes in a nicely packaged box, making them great gift ideas. They are a definite essential for creating that cosy hygge atmosphere.

Knitted jumper – babaà


Made in Spain using 100% wool, the no19 knitted jumper by babaà is great for all the chilly weather to come. It’s oversized and the contrasting high neck collar adds a bit of fun to it. All of babaà’s jumpers are made from completely natural fibres, meaning they’re long-lasting and crucially, warm! An ideal jumper for those cold winter walks and evenings in with friends. What hygge is all about.

Blanket – Zara Home

It wouldn’t be autumn/winter without a blanket to fall asleep enveloped in, and this one from Zara Home is perfect for just that. It’s made from alpaca wool so it’s soft, warm and silky. It has a minimal, simple check pattern in lovely hues of pink. Cold winter nights should never be without a blanket like this, because with hyyge, it’s all about dat Snug Life.

Music – Oh Wonder

Music is at the heart of everything I love so I couldn’t do this post without recommending an album that goes with the hygge vibe. Oh Wonder are a British ‘alt-pop’ duo whose self-titled debut album was released in 2015. Their sound is unique and very hygge-esque. I’d recommend this album as the perfect background music for dinner parties or gatherings with friends. Add in a glass of mulled wine or three and some candles, and you’ve got hygge!

As a Brit, I extend my thanks to the Scandinavians for bringing hygge to the UK. Winters will never feel the same again and I look forward to attempting to replicate the Danes’ wonderful winter lifestyle. Here’s to hygge, to Denmark and to coming back as a Scandinavian in another life.


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