New Music Monday: Dave (feat. Drake)

Unless you’re an avid follower of the UK rap scene, odds are: a) you’ve never heard of Dave, or b) like me, you heard Drake’s remix of one of his songs and now vaguely know about him.

If Dave is new on your musical radar, he’s an 18 year old rapper from Streatham, South London. As well as ‘Dave’, he also goes by the name Santan Dave – Santan being his surname. It’s somewhat a breath of fresh air for an artist to go by their real name over a stage name, no matter how plain-sounding, especially when Dave’s talent is anything but plain!

His video for ‘Wanna Know‘ has been on YouTube for just over six weeks and had over 1.9 million views. The massive number of views is largely due to Drake’s remixed version which premiered on OVO Radio last month. As a big fan of Drake, I’m glad he has an affinity for UK rap and it’s good to see him bringing talented UK artists up, raising the profile of grime music as he does.

Had it not been for Drake, would people still know abot Dave? My answer is yes, but probably not as soon. Regardless of Drake, I think he was always going to do great things for UK music. When you listen, at first, it’s difficult to wrap your head around the fact there’s an 18 year old behind the clever lyrics – his ‘Fire In The Booth‘ session on Radio 1Xtra (where artists rap live on air) a prime example. He has massive potential and a bright future ahead, so if you like what you hear, give his new EP, Sixth Paths, a listen.

To find out more about Dave, visit his:



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