New Music Monday: SHELLS

Today’s New Music Monday comes from up and coming UK artist SHELLS and her single, ‘Jailbird’. With a mellow, alt-pop sound, this is a song that definitely wouldn’t feel out of place at the end of an episode of Girls, which is no bad thing in my book. It seems to embody the feeling of optimism you get when summer has just arrived, and really, who doesn’t need that kind of hope in their life right now?

As with a lot of new music, I first heard about SHELLS on BBC Radio 1. She was the first artist of 2017 to be featured on their BBC Introducing playlist, meaning this single was played to the nation every day for the entire week. On the eve before moving to Canada as I started feeling more and more nervous, this song played on the radio and it was oddly knowing. Maybe it was the simple, yet uplifting melody, maybe it was the lyrics or maybe it was a combination of both. All I know is that it has become firm favourite on my playlist and is an encouraging start to 2017 (music wise at least)!

If you like what you hear, stream SHELLS’ debut EP, ‘Shapes‘, or visit the links below:


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