New Music Monday: Ásgeir

With a beautiful falsetto and flawless live vocals, today’s ‘New Music Monday’ comes from singer-songwriter and Iceland native, Ásgeir. The correct pronunciation of his name is, as of yet, an unsolved mystery, but I do know he is one hell of a talent. His debut album ‘Dýrð í dauðaþögn’, was released in 2012 and gained huge popularity in Iceland, where it went on to go triple platinum and become the best-selling debut album in the country’s history. Following its success, an English-spoken version entitled ‘In The Silence’, was later released in 2013.

What first drew my attention to Ásgeir was his use of melancholic, yet uplifting melody and lyrics. His music was featured on reality show Made in Chelsea (who says reality TV is completely worthless?) and, being a sucker for acoustic tracks, ‘Was There Nothing?‘ got me hooked.

2017 sees the release of Ásgeir’s new, long-awaited album, ‘Afterglow’. Venturing in a different direction from his debut, this album blends his signature acoustic artistry with bursts of jerky, chaotic electronics. The result is an unexpected but serendipitous marriage of sound that is a joy to listen to.

I’m unsure if it’s the melody, the harmony, his voice, the lyrics or the stunning combination of them all, but this man’s music has the rare ability to touch the soul. He manages to maneuver between calm and effervescent turbulence, touching every emotion as he goes. The album is more than just an album. It’s a listening experience, particularly when you really take in the lyrics – ‘Stardust’ is a real gem.

“I’m the man that stands behind you, real calm, while you prove yourself.”

His lyricism is beautifully touching and shows a sensitivity that many artists today lack. I challenge anyone to listen to this song and feel nothing!

To find out more about Ásgeir, visit the following links:



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