Falling for Autumn

The month of September in Toronto feels like quite a significant one. It sees the return of some much-loved annual events: TIFF (I actually saw George Clooney in real life, no big deal…), Nuit Blanche, and the most ‘basic’ of hot drinks – the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

As I write this, we’re only 13 days in, but I think September is already my favourite month here. The summer days of consistent, high twenty-degree weather are starting to become more infrequent. Now, when the sun goes down, it’s usually followed by ‘I wish I brought a jacket’. As a person who loves layering clothes, I couldn’t be happier! Here are some of my favourite A/W pieces that will be seeing me through:

Wool Roll Neck Top – Topshop

Earthy tones and autumn are a marriage made in heaven. Cream and camel colours are a staple – as is this top in my wardrobe! The roll neck is one of my favourite throwback styles from the 90s, so I’m glad it seems to be sticking around. This long-sleeved, slouchy roll neck top uses that autumnal colour palette, helping to create something wearable and versatile. ‘Hygge’ (if you don’t know, now you know) is what I’m all about, and this definitely has the required cosy feel. For Toronto’s bitterly cold winter days, I’ll be layering it under a knitted jumper for added warmth and style – or, on milder days, wearing it solo!

Scandi Style Backpack – Topshop

Topshop bag

99% of the time, clothing (and anything else for that matter) inspired by Scandinavia gets a big thumbs up from me! The minimalism and simplicity are, at this point, an unachievable but real aspiration I have for my own wardrobe. We can but try! This Scandi style backpack is no exception and is a great addition to an A/W wardrobe. I love it for so many reasons: the colour is beautifully seasonal, it’s big enough to actually be practical and the design is, as you’d expect, simple. And best of all, it frees up your hands so they can stay nice and toasty in your pockets!

Acacia Pullover – Brandy Melville

brandy melville acacia

If there’s one thing in fashion I absolutely cannot resist, it’s knitwear. That’s why, when I saw this jumper on a recent trip to Vancouver, I, of course, had to buy it. It’s a simple, heather grey waffle knit thermal jumper from the American brand, Brandy Melville. In my first shopping experience there, I felt very old walking around a shop filled with prepubescent girls and their mums, but I’m hoping I have at least a few more ‘young people’ shopping years left in me yet. The jumper itself is extremely light and versatile – perfect for the aforementioned layering. In the two weeks that I’ve owned it, it’s basically become a second skin and I wouldn’t be without it this autumn.

Checked Jogging Trouser – Zara

In my constant quest to find clothes which are at pyjama levels of comfort, but acceptable to wear outside, I think I’ve found a winner in these Zara trousers. They’re labelled as ‘Checked Jogging Trousers’ so really, what’s not to love? To the untrained eye, they look like normal, relatively smart trousers. The check pattern is the apparent ‘must have’ print of the season (throw in a beret and you’ve basically got the wardrobe for the movie Clueless!). The grey base colour features subtle accents of blue and yellow, and with the ultimate dream of an elasticated waist at the back, they provide the perfect blend of comfort and style!

Leather Loafers – Zara

Zara loafers

The androgynous look has been a favourite of mine ever since I became interested in fashion. I love putting a feminine twist on menswear-inspired items. Zara has done exactly that with these lovely leather loafers. For me, footwear is the hardest thing to get right in the winter, but these shoes look and feel robust enough to handle the cooler weather. I often find companies ruin loafers by adding a tacky buckle in an attempt to replicate the classic Gucci loafers (one can dream!). But, these shoes are a perfect example of the ‘less is more’ approach. They’re sleek, elegant, and there’s not a buckle in sight!


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